Winter Sports in Valle Stura

During the winter time you can do many sports: Alpine skiing Argentera (12 km from Pietraporzio) Vars ( 50 km from Pietraporzio in the french side) Pra loup ( 60 km from Pietraporzio in the french side) Saint anne (43 km from Pietraporzio in the french side) Ski-tourism ..The Stura Valley is the paradise of ski-tourism ! You only have to choose the right itinerary….

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La Valle Stura di Demonte

Which are the characteristics of the Valle Stura?
It’s simply gorgeous! From Borgo San Dalmazzo to the Colle della Maddalena the landscape changes a lot.
…and also, the Valle Stura is a road.

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Hiking – La Via Alpina in Valle Stura

There is a close network of pathways in the whole valley giving the chance to enjoy his self to the experts and the beginners.There are many mountains huts where you’ll be able to spend the night. The Arpaouza is situated in the centre of the itinerary of the, Echo-Museum of sheep-farming, a nature trail that connects the museum of Pontebernardo and Sambuco. From Pontebernardo passes the via-alpina, an excursionary itinerary that connects Trieste, in the Adriatic coast, to Monaco and the Mediterranean, going through 8 alpine states. Castello is a stopover of the excursionary ring created by the Association Lou Viage, goes around the whole valley.. In the Valle Stura passes also the path of St. Giacomo( Sentiero di San Giacomo) cthat goes from Cuneo to the Colle delle Maddalena: it is a part of the old Galician pilgrimage. besides la Valle Stura is ideal for the lovers of alpinism and of mountain bike. In the river Stura is possible to do many activities. To get info: Kerafting

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Curiosities and links about Valle Stura

Agnello Sambucano The Agnello Sambucano is a particular kind of lamb, highly appreciated for its gastronomic use. It is part of the Slow Food project and breaded in the Valle Stura. Come and try it in the restaurants of the area! Occitans Tradition The Valle Stura is part of the Occitania, a wide geographical area of Europe that includes the south of France, part of Spain, part of the Piedmontese’s valleys. In Occitania are still alive its musical, cultural and gastronomic traditions. For: And… Terme di Vinadio forte di Vinadio Santuario di S’Anna di Vinadio Sito della comunità montana Cuneo holiday Montagnapiemonte Comune di Pietraporzio Osteria La Pecora Nera Valli di Cuneo Manifestazioni Associazione culturale Marcovaldo Meteo

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